Essentials of Great Italian Cooking

Course Dates 2012

May 27 - June 2
October 7 - 13

La Cucina Italiana Cooking Courses

In Emilia-Romagna
Essentials of Great Italian Cooking
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

In Emilia-Romagna & Tuscany
Savoring Emilia-Romagna & Tuscany

In Emilia-Romagna & Piedmont
October Truffle Festival

If your passion is Italian food, join us for our extraordinary six-day immersion in La Cucina Italiana. From the outdoor market to our restaurant kitchen to our dining table, you experience Italian food, wine and culture with award-winning chefs and culinary artisans like you've never done before ~ cooking, traveling and sharing great meals together in Emilia-Romagna. We are dedicated to improving your cooking skills. Professional techniques you practice with us increase your knowledge as you develop expertise. Invest in yourself ~ You're worth it.

  • You participate in seven private cooking classes: five hands-on classes with Italian chefs including a pasta class and a pizza class, one gelato demonstration and an incredible two Michelin-star demonstration class.
  • You make wonderful classic and innovative light dishes for all courses of Italian meals. Plus, you make fresh pasta with a sfoglina, make pizza with a pizzaiolo in a pizzeria with wood-burning oven, and make gelato and sorbetto with a gelataio in a gelateria. All week you study with Italian chefs and experts learning Italian techniques so you develop a solid foundation of La Cucina Italiana.
  • Using special professional techniques we teach you, you'll make delectable seasonal antipasti, handmade pasta, Ragu alla Bolognese, Lasagne Verde alla Bolognese al Forno, risotto, gnocchi, pizza, luscious secondi of meat and fish with wine sauces, seasonal fresh vegetable contorni, dolci and gelato! It's an incredible range guaranteed to strengthen your cooking skills and delight.
  • All meals are food-and-wine paired so you learn about regional Italian wines from Italy's best producers.

"Words can never express the 'glorious' week of cooking, eating, drinking, dining and hearty laughing that entered into my heart (and stomach) these wonderful days. Thank you for everything and so much more. Always take time to smell the roses (and the rosemary too)! With hugs and kisses..."
~ Bonnie F., Georgia

  • We want you to have the best cooking course experience. Learning Italian cooking in Bologna is not limited to just cooking in the kitchen. It includes shopping in the local outdoor market, meeting Regional Culinary Artisans and watching production of world-famous products. Dining in traditional Bolognese and Michelin-star restaurants tasting signature dishes completes the experience. These opportunities combine into a foundation essential in recreating Italian flavors and dishes when you cook at home.
  • Shop in Bologna's famous outdoor food market and specialty stores for authentic regional products.
  • Taste Tour of aged balsamic vinegars and regional prosciutti.
  • Dine in the best traditional restaurant of Bologna.
  • Emilia-Romagna is actually two separate regions combined into one. Via our private driver, you'll love our countryside excursion in Emilia! Exclusively for our school, meet gold-medal award-winning producers of world famous Parmigiano-Reggiano and balsamic vinegar, learn the fascinating production of these handmade products and taste on-site.

"The recipes were all exquisite, current yet practical. The scope of the course was well-rounded, the pace was impeccable as well. From one culinary teacher to another, you did a superb job!" ~ Chef Reynoso, New York

  • Our excursion day in Romagna is not to be missed! We'll visit Ravenna, a little treasure near the Adriatic Sea, home of eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. After viewing the amazing Byzantine mosaics dating back to the sixth-century, we drive along the Adriatic Coast, called La Riviera del'Adriatico, to our exclusive demonstration cooking class at one of the best two Michelin-star restaurants in Italy. For our final festa, you'll learn the Executive Chef's signature dishes.

    Join us for our special celebration of La Cucina Italiana!