Savoring Emilia-Romagna & Tuscany

Course Dates 2012

October 28 - November 3

La Cucina Italiana Cooking Courses

In Emilia-Romagna
Essentials of Great Italian Cooking
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

In Emilia-Romagna & Tuscany
Savoring Emilia-Romagna & Tuscany

In Emilia-Romagna & Piedmont
October Truffle Festival

Imagine a fabulous truffle week in two great culinary regions ~ Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany ~ the culinary heart and soul of Italy! We begin our course of cooking, wine and truffles in Bologna, the Gastronomic Capital of Italy. Then onto Tuscany for more cooking on the Tuscan wine estate, hunting fresh truffles, Volterra's Truffle Fair and dining in local restaurants. Two regions, two kitchens, two delicious cuisines topped with fresh truffles. We begin our captivating week in Bologna, tour through Tuscany and conclude in Florence ~ C'e perfetto!

  • You'll participate in six private hands-on cooking classes with professional Italian chefs in Bologna and Tuscany - a wonderful experience!
  • You'll love our cooking classes! You learn professional techniques that are easy and proven to make you an even better cook. You'll make vegetable l'antipasti, zuppa, la pasta fresca by hand, Ragu alla Bolognese, pizza, pinci, luscious secondi of meat or fish, delicious wine sauces, seasonal fresh vegetable contorni and outstanding torta. You'll love every bite paired with excellent wines!

"Thank you for making our time in Italy such a wonderful experience. We refer to it often and John has certainly 'gotten into' the cooking mode. The pictures you sent are permanently displayed in our kitchen. You are so thoughtful. It reflects in all you do. Wishing you the best."
~ Gwen & John K., Missouri

  • Shop in our famous outdoor market and specialty stores for authentic regional products in Bologna.

    Andiamo...through Emilia-Romagna for our visit with a culinary artisan and luncheon in the Tuscan countryside.
  • Watch Parmigiano-Reggiano being made by an award-winning casaro, and taste on-site with him.
  • Savor every morsel of a traditional Tuscan Grill. Nestled in the hills south of the Apennine Mountains is an exceptional trattoria known mostly to only local Italians. Fire up those grills - we're coming!

    Three days of Feasting under the Tuscan Sun...
  • In the Crete Senese of Eastern Tuscany, we'll stay at the estate of a prominent award-winning winemaker. This beautiful Fattoria is a working farm with osteria restaurant, modern winery, Vin Santo-aging cellar, and acres of vines and olive groves. It is the essence of Tuscany. Relax overlooking the valley, ride bikes, play tennis, sketch, read...whatever inspires your spirit.

"You truly opened doors for us in Italy we would never have even found on our own. Thank you for the friendship and warmth that made our week so special." ~ Kate B., London, UK

  • Explore the charming Tuscan hill town of Pienza in the Val d'Orcia. Famous as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this tiny town is also famous for its caciotta di pecora, the traditional cheese of Tuscany. We'll stroll to see important historical sites, shop and then indulge in a delicious country luncheon of typical salumi, formaggio and Autumn specialties.
  • Visit the Truffle Fair of Volterra! Formerly a Neolithic settlement and an ancient Etruscan center in central Tuscany, Volterra is a tiny gem famous for its artisans sculpting alabaster creations. It is home to a Roman theater dating back to first-century B.C. and an Etruscan museum. (Volterra is the home of the Volturi in the Twilight series.) We indulge in a marvelous multi-course luncheon as part of the annual truffle celebration.
  • Arrivaderci in Florence, spectacular Renaissance city of art.